Anxiety Blend




Our anxiety essential oil blend contains a blend of floral and citrus essential oils that clam the nerves. In order to receive the full benefits of this oil, you can put 2-3 drops on a terracotta necklace, apply topically, or diffuse in your home.


Bergamot  Relieves depression, reduces anxiety and stress, relaxes nerves and muscles, reduces nervous tension and reduces pain in the body

Vetiver  Provides relief from all types of inflammation, rejuvenates body and boosts immune system, provides relief from insomnia, improves and maintains good health of nerves.

Lemon  Excellent stress buster, helps with insomnia, boosts immune system

Orange Relaxes muscular and nervous spasms, boosts immunity, provides relief from inflammation

Ylang -Ylang  Provides relief from anger, stress and anxiety, lowers blood pressure, strengthens nervous system

Size: 15ml

a petals of flower with transparent background